Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ab Quest

Want sexy washboard abs? Tried doing 100's of sit ups and still no results? Do you feel like you are doomed never to have a sexy rack where you will be dying to take your shirt off?

Look no further. Ab Quest is a 2 hour personal training seminar that teaches you the basics of ab muscles and what you need to do to stimulate it and let it pop out. The seminar is done on a one to one basis to ensure full focus and attention to your understanding. Once you learn the secrets, you will be able to run the program your self. However, should you feel like you will need personal attention for each training session, additional personal training sessions can be organized.

What do you get
1) 1 x 2-hour personal training seminar
2) Fitness assessment and goal setting
3) Diet Plan
4) Day to day home based exercise routine
5) Printed notes for the information covered during the seminar
6) One progress check & update

Who should get this
Everyone and anyone - who doesn't want sexy washboard abs?

This is just a 1 time 2 hour seminar and only costs RM 250 per person. Group discounts are available, but the session may take longer than 2 hours depending on the number of people

How to order
Just send us an email to or call us now at 03 8075 8621