Sunday, December 12, 2010

Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Program is a combination of various sub programs which ultimately leads to reduced medical cost and a more productive work force for your organization. You can pick and choose the sub programs which you feel will best suit your organization and then we will run the entire program for you while you enjoy the results.

Most of the times, we run the entire program in a contest format for 6 months where we come in and do a variety of sub programs for you. During the 6 months, we will run health and fitness assessments for your employees and you will receive a summary report on their progress. At the end of 6 months, we declare a winner of the challenge.

The reason for doing it in a contest format is to keep the momentum and excitement going for a full 6 months. After the 6 months, your employees would have seen the results they achieved and will be able to continue on their own. Most people who have done active exercise for 6 months have a higher chance of sticking with a workout routine.

In short, we will transform your organization into one that is healthy, productive and competitive.

What are the benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program

Reduced medical bills to the organization – healthier staff equals less medical problems, less hospital admissions which results in lower cost to the Company

Post Medical Check Up Program – What do you do once your staff returns from a medical check up and has high blood pressure? Most HR people are unsure about how they can help. Leave that to us. Rather than just giving a medical report which shows bad news, let us put them on a road to recovery.

Staff Retention - Your staff will be appreciative with this as many organizations do not provide such care and services for their employees.

Create a high performance work force – working out helps to boost people’s confidence about themselves. Our boot camp classes also teach them about team work and takes a certain mental attitude to succeed. Combine those 2 elements and you will have a more productive workforce.

Total Wellness Package

Clients have the liberty of picking and choosing what they want based on their needs and objectives for the organization. Above is a full spread of the services we provide for your kind consideration. Discounts will be given when clients sign up for the full range of services offered.

Further discounts can also be considered depending on the number of staff in the organization that actually sign up for the programs. The more staff who sign up and attend the programs, the bigger the discount will be for the organization

We look forward to driving your organization towards a healthier path.